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Ispirescu Petre

Ispirescu Petre (1830—1887)Tales

Petre Ispirescu was a Romanian printer and publicist. Born in Bucharest, his parents wanted him to be a priest and he was entrusted to study with a monk at the Metropolitan Church, after he studied with a priest at the Doamna Bălaşa Church. He quit in 1844 and became a worker at the Carcalchi printing house and later at the Capainig... More...

Rumania, 1982, Brave Young Man and the Golden Apples

Rumania, 1982, Ileana Simziana and Dragon

Rumania, 1987, Youth on Winged Horse

Rumania, 1987, King and princess

Rumania, 1987, Girl fighting lion

Rumania, 1987, Youth and bird

Rumania, 1987, George and dead dragon

Rumania, 1987, Girl near bed

Rumania, 1987, Greuseanu

Rumania, 2010, Boy with Dragon


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