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Steig William

Steig William (19072003)  Shrek!

William Steig was a prolific American cartoonist, sculptor and, later in life, an author of popular children's literature. Steig was born in New York City to Polish-Jewish immigrants who encouraged his artistic leanings. As a child, he dabbled in painting and was an avid reader of literature. Among other works, he was said to have been especially... More...

Australia, 2004, Shrek

Austria, 2007, Shreck 3

Austria, 2007, Fiona and Shrek

Austria, 2007.06.21, Vienna. Shrek the Third

France, 2008, Puss in Boots and Donkey

France, 2008, Shrek

France, 2008, Shrek

France, 2008, Shrek

France, 2008, Shrek


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