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Makuszyński Kornel

Makuszyński Kornel (1884—1953) Tales

Kornel Makuszyński was a Polish writer of youth literature. He went to school in Lviv, and wrote his first poems at the age of 14. These were published two years later in the newspaper Słowo Polskie, in which he soon became a theatre critic. He studied language and literature at both the University of Lviv and in Paris. He was evacuated to Kiev in 1915, where he ran the Polish Theatre and was the chairman of the Polish writers and journalist community. He moved to Warsaw in 1918, and wrote youth literature. Kornel Makuszyński is possibly known just in Poland he wrote some very amusing books for children it's a pity, that he's so unknown in the world. His biggest smash was a charming tale about the adventures of a little goat called Matolek. It's a Polish classic, and it's as loved here as current hit Harry Potter is in the States. He was buried at the Peksowe Brzysko cemetery in Zakopane, where he lived from 1945. There is a museum dedicated to him there.

Poland, 1993, The monkey Fiki-Miki and the lion

Poland, 1993, The little goat Fat-Head

Poland, 1993, The monkey Fiki-Miki

Poland, 1993, The little goat Fat-Head riding an ostrich

Poland, 1993.01.06, Warsaw. Goat


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