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Foglar Jaroslav
The Fast Arrows
Rychlé šípy

Foglar Jaroslav(19071999)  The Fast ArrowsRychlé šípy

Mirek Dušín, Jarka Metelka, Jindra Hojer, Červenáček and Rychlonožka. These names have come to be very well known already to several generations of readers. The Fast Arrows are a club of inseparable friends and a synonym of adventure, mystery, but mainly also of a fair, decent conduct. Their "father" is Jaroslav Foglar, the writer, editor of youth magazines, tutor and scout named Hawk. The Fast Arrows were published as series of cartoons from December 1938, with enforced political breaks, until June 1971. The collected series were published no earlier than in 1998. The number of the illustrated stories totalled 316. Unlike the single author of the texts, J. Foglar, there were several illustrators. The first series was drawn by Dr. Jan Fischer, the illustrator of 213 stories. It is his illustrations which are most often associated with the Fast Arrows. The five boys are also the heroes of the three novels by Foglar, Záhada hlavolamu, Stínadla se bouří and Tajemství Velkého Vonta.

Czech Republic, 2007, The Fast Arrows

Czech Republic, 2007.05.30, Prague. Jaroslav Foglar


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