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Grznárová Marianna
(b. 1941)
Maťko and Kubko
Maťko a Kubko

Grznárová Marianna (b. 1941)Maťko and KubkoMaťko a Kubko

The book « Matko and Kubko» written by Marianna Grznárová consists of several tales about amusing happenings of Maťko a Kubko — shepherds living in a shepherds cottage. The charm of the story lies in humorous parody of the topic and of the language of folk fairy tales. Amusing reading is supplemented by equally humorous illustrations by Ladislav Čapek, that children love so much.

The tales of two shepherds – «Matko and Kubko», won the hearts of several generations. Besides the books, the tales were adapted for TV and Radio. The Editorial Association of the Slovak Republic conceded the "Golden Book Reward" for the sales of more than 212.000 books.

Slovakia, 2003, Matko and Kubko

Slovakia, 2003.06.01, Bratislava. Dog


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