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Finsterbusch Monika
(b. 1954)
Princess Lillifee

Finsterbusch Monika (b. 1954)Princess Lillifee

Lillifee, a princess with curly blonde hair, lives in a castle of flowers in her fairy kingdom of Pinkovia. She spends her entire day lovingly caring for all the animals and plants that live there. The Lillifee books are aimed at children aged four and above and focus on friendship, nature and animals. «When I watch little girls playing, I get a feeling for what they like and enjoy,» explains Lillifee creator Monika Finsterbusch. Born in Berlin in 1954, the author and illustrator worked as a fashion designer for many years before moving into toy design in the late 1990s. Realizing a long-held dream, she opened a small workshop and began to design soft toys with extraordinarily appealing personalities, publishing her first book soon after. Princess Lillifee first appeared in a book in 2004 – dressed of course in pink plush decorated with lots of glitter and rose petals, complete with a little crown to wear. Little Lillifee was suddenly little no more. Young girls immediately fell in love with the book and its delightful drawings. A total of seven Princess Lillifee books have now been published, fascinating stories in which fables, fairytales and reality exist side-by-side. And this year Lillifee will also grace our cinema screens.

Monika Finsterbusch worked as a fashion designer for more than twenty years before turning to toy design in 1999. Her plush toys, full of personality, inspired her to write stories for children based on them.

Switzerland, 2009, Princess Lilifee

Switzerland, 2009.09.03, Zermatt. Croun


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