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Møller Flemming Quist
(b. 1942)
Books for children

Møller Flemming Quist (b. 1942)Books for children

Flemming Quist Møller (Denmark) is a co-director (with Jannik Hastrup) on the immensely popular children's classic "Benny's Bathtub" (1971), a film still enjoyed by young people today. He wrote and directed the two previous "Jungo"-films (screened in Estonia as "Jungle Jack"), both successes at the box-office.

As a children's writer, Flemming is fa­mous for his books about the cycling gnat, Egon, who takes on the world from his saddle. He was also the master storyteller behind the story of Benny's Bathtub, which he first published as a book, and later made into an animated film together with Jannik Hastrup. Flemming is also the originator of 'Jungledyret Hugo' (Jungle Jack), who has been the star of no less than three animated features and a 13-part TV series.

The 67-year-old artist is still active with his pen and paper. Earlier this year, he published the picture book 'Minibillen and tryllefeen' ('Minibeetle and the Magic Fairy'), and right now he is working on yet another picture book.

Denmark, 2002, Jungo and Rita

Denmark, 2010, Boy with toys


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