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Zoss Roland
(b. 1951)
Jimmy Flitz, the Swiss mouse
Jimmy Flitz, die Schweizermaus

Zoss Roland (b. 1951) Jimmy Flitz, the Swiss mouse Jimmy Flitz, die Schweizermaus

Roland Zoss is a songwriter and novelist. Zoss studied anthropology and literature in Bern and Avignon. After dozens of albums and books the poet made success in Europe in 2004 with the album Härzland ('heartland') with Swiss German translations of the Leonard Cohen song First We Take Manhattan (Zersch näh me mer Manhattan) and the Elvis song In the Ghetto (Im Getto). He worked with many European musicians and artists like Gottfried Helnwein. Between 1999 and 2008 he wrote more than a dozen albums for kids, some in English, becoming one of the most known Swiss German singers for children. After his success with two highly acclaimed recordings Muku-Tiki-Mu and Schlummerland, and the ABC book and CD for kids Xenegugeli, Roland Zoss released the musical radio play trilogy about Swiss mythologies Jimmy-Flitz, e Reis dür d Schwyz ('a journey through Switzerland') in 2007/08, starring his famous mouse Jimmy Flitz. In 2010, the book Jimmy Flitz, die Schweizermaus ('the Swiss mouse') was released, after which the Swiss Post honoured the work of the author with a Jimmy Flitz postage stamp. Roland Zoss represents Switzerland on the world children's music CD European Playground.

Switzerland, 2010, Jimmy Flitz

Switzerland, 2010.09.03, Bern. Jimmy Flitz


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