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Lindsay Norman Alfred William (18791969).
The Magic Pudding

Lindsay Norman Alfred William (18791969).  The Magic Pudding

Australian artist and writer, the most illustrious and controversial member of a large family of artists, all of whom were major figures in Australian art and art criticism. He was best known for his line drawings, oils, and watercolors, but he also distinguished himself as an illustrator. Born in Creswick, Victoria, Lindsay showed early skill as an illustrator and cartoonist, and in 1901 he became a cartoonist on the staff of the Sydney Bulletin, a position he continued to hold even as he developed his abilities in other artistic media. Lindsay developed a romantic and original style of painting and line drawing with its own edge of satire. This style was most visible in his illustrations for modern editions of the Satyricon, a satirical romance in prose and verse allegedly written by Roman writer Petronius Arbiter, and of the tales of Italian writer Giovanni Boccaccio. Many of Lindsay's pieces in this genre are already considered to be collectors items. He also painted nude portraits that created a great commotion in the relatively conventional art world of Sydney.Lindsay wrote and illustrated a highly popular children's book, The Magic Pudding (1919), as well as a series of satirical novels, most notably Redheap (1930) and Saturdee (1936). These comic works, which portray with compassion the life of small Australian country towns, were for a time banned in Australia because of the indignation they aroused among small-town citizens.

Australia, 1985, The Magic Pudding

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