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Painting of Tove Jansson

Series: Painting of Tove Jansson

Painting of Tove Jansson

Åland Islands, 2007, 0.85 . 13 (1/4) x 13 (3/4). multicoloured

Michel: 280
Scott: 261
Stanley Gibbons: 295
Yvert et Tellier: 280

Källskär, a tiny island on the outskirts of the Åland archipelago, is today one of the best known tourist attractions of Kökar. In the large house on the island, above the mantelpiece, hangs a relatively unknown painting by the Moomin-mamma Tove Jansson. The painting will now be featured on a stamp. In the summer of 1958, the Swede Göran Åkerhielm went ashore on Källskär. With the help of the locals, he there created quite a different world with several special buildings and a peculiar garden. Tove Jansson became acquainted with Göran Åkerhielm when he asked her to do a painting to hang above his mantelpiece on Källskär. Paint something with wild cliffs, and why not a hysterical fillyjonk, a sea monster or, for that matter, whatever you please, Åkerhielm wrote in his initial letter to Tove Jansson. In 1984, Göran Åkerhielm donated his part of Källskär to the province of Åland.

Plots: Jansson Tove. The Moomin books

Painting of Tove Jansson

Åland Islands, 2007.04.18, Mariehamn. Moomins

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