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Series: Children's Stamp


Slovakia, 2008, T2. 11 (1/2). multicoloured

Michel: 582
Scott: 544
Stanley Gibbons: 534
Yvert et Tellier: 507

Pavol Dobšinský was one of the most famous collectors/storytellers. A multi-headed dragon often appears in his fairy-tale collections, the number of heads in multiples of three – the dragons thus have three, six, nine, or exceptionally even twelve heads. The motif of the dragon is very old – it probably originates from Slavic mythology where it most probably represented Svarog, the god of heavenly fire and flame symbolizing good. Subsequently this symbol probably underwent some transformation and became the symbol of “evil” which must be conquered. The fairy-tale hero conquering the dragon thus embodies the basic principle of a fairy-tale, where good conquers evil. Usually it is an ordinary man who wins thanks to his wisdom, cleverness, and good heart. With his good deeds, the man wins the favour of magic helpers such as a dwarf, a fairy, a fairy godmother, an old woman, and others (but also “the tall”, “the wide”, and “the sharp-eyed”); helpers are often from the animal kingdom (an eagle, a duck, a fish, an ant, etc.) or embody the heavenly bodies and natural elements (the sun, the moon, the wind, etc.). The principle of the fairy-tail is still valid and with a bit of effort can be found in all successful present-day fairy tales that please children and adults alike.

Plots: Dobšinský Pavol. Tales


Slovakia, 2008.05.29, Bratislava. Flowers

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