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San-Marino, 2008, € 0.60. 13 (1/4) x 13. multicoloured

Michel: 2367
Scott: 1766
Stanley Gibbons: 2187
Unificato: 2207
Yvert et Tellier: 2154

The stamp portrays the Sardinian Tamburino, who heroically risks his life to deliver a war message. This is a story from “Cuore” (Heart) a novel written in 1886 by De Amicis which has become one of the most popular texts in Italian literature for children. The work had the clear objective of teaching the younger citizens of the Kingdom of Italy civic virtues, in particular, a love of the homeland, respect for authority and parents, a spirit of sacrifice, heroism, charity, piety and obedience.

Plots: De Amicis Edmondo. «Heart»

San-Marino, 2008.11.18, San Marino. Tamburino

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