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Thomas the Tank Engine

Series: Birth Centenary of Wilbert V, Awdry

Thomas the Tank Engine

Great Britain, 2011, 1st., 68 p., 76 p., £ 1. 14 (3/4) x 14 (1/4). multicoloured

Michel: 3109/3112, block 87
Scott: SS 2914
Stanley Gibbons: MS3193

The Miniature Sheet features original illustrations from the Thomas the Tank Engine books.

1st Class Thomas and Bertie the Bus
In this original illustration from the story Thomas and Bertie (from Tank Engine Thomas Again), Thomas challenges Bertie the bus to a race. Here he is speeding past Bertie at a level crossing in this original illustration by C Reginald Dalby.

66p James
James ends up covered in tar when he crashes into the yard after failing to pin down his brakes at the top of a hill, fortunately its only his pride that is hurt. Original illustration by C Reginald Dalby from the story Dirty Objects in Toby the Tram Engine.

76p Percy
Percy ends up in the sea when he ignores a sign in Percy Takes the Plunge (from The Eight
Famous Engines). Original illustration by John T Kenny.

£1.00 Henry
In the Sad Story of Henry (from The Three Railway Engines), Henry ends up being walled up in a tunnel as punishment for not wanting to get his paint wet. Illustration by C Reginald Dalby.

Plots: Awdry Wilbert and Christofer. Thomas the Tank Engine

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