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Series: The Lord of the Rings - New Zealand Home of Middle-earth


New Zealand, 2004, $ 1.50. 14. multicoloured

Michel: 2194, block 174
Scott: 1961, SS 1963c
Stanley Gibbons: 2707, MS2710
Yvert et Tellier: 2097, block 189

Further south, and within deep valleys hidden near Mount Sunday in the towering Southern Alps, the Rings team created the Rohirrim city of Edoras and the Golden Hall, home of King Theoden. In this rocky, weather-beaten terrain, the crew spent 11 months constructing the elaborate set for the capital city of Rohan, the land of fabled horses and valiant warriors. The magnificent edifice attracted curious, camera-bearing visitors for many weekends, only too happy to make the journey from Christchurch over the flat Canterbury Plains to this elusive realm of snow-capped peaks.

Plots: Tolkien J. R. R.,  «The Lord of the Rings»


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