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The Ford of Bruinen

Series: The Lord of the Rings - New Zealand Home of Middle-earth

The Ford of Bruinen

New Zealand, 2004, 45 c.

Michel: 2197
Scott: 1965
Stanley Gibbons: 2712
Yvert et Tellier: 2101

Who can forget the scene where Arwen summoned a great flood to prevent the darkly malevolent Black Riders from crossing the Ford of Rivendell - and claiming the Ring for their master, Sauron? In reality, the Ford is the Shotover River, deep in Skippers Canyon near Queenstown - once the most prolific of the local goldfields and now a popular visitor destination. Meanwhile, you'll find the horses' track to the river on the banks of the Arrow River, only minutes away from the historic gold-mining village of Arrowtown.

Plots: Tolkien J. R. R.,  «The Lord of the Rings»

The Ford of Bruinen

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