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South of Rivendell

Series: The Lord of the Rings - New Zealand Home of Middle-earth

South of Rivendell

New Zealand, 2004, 90 c. 11 (1/4) х 11. multicoloured

Michel: 2199
Scott: 1967
Stanley Gibbons: 2714
Yvert et Tellier: 2103

In the South Island's remote and spectacular Kahurangi National Park, a local helicopter pilot spotted an ideal site for the rough country south of Rivendell. Several months later, the cast and crew arrived to film the Fellowship seeking shelter from Suruman's 'crebain' (black crows) under the rocky outcrops of Mount Olympus. Sprouting from the side of the mountain, these rocks have twisted and cracked into surreal column-like shapes, stark pillars that add to the area's mystically magical air.

Plots: Tolkien J. R. R.,  «The Lord of the Rings»

South of Rivendell

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