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Lavoisier Antoine-Laurent

Lavoisier Antoine-Laurent (1743—1794)

The son of a wealthy Parisian lawyer, Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier completed a law degree in accordance with family wishes. His real interest, however was in science, which he pursued with passion while leading a full public life. On the basis of his earliest scientific work, mostly in geology, he was elected in 1768—at the early age of... More...

Guinea, 2011, Antoine de Lavoisier, Mikhail Lomonosov

Guinea, 2012, Stamp with Lavoisier

Guinea Bissau, 2011, Antoine Lavoisier

Maldives, 1990, Portrait of spouses of Lavoisier

Mali, 1983, Lavoisier, chemical devices

Marshall Islands, 2012, Antoine Lavoisier

San-Marino, 1982, Lavoisier Antoine


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