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Marceau-Desgraviers François-Séverin

Marceau-Desgraviers François-Séverin (1769-1796)

French general, was born at Chartres on the 1st of March 1769. His father was a law officer, and he was educated for a legal career, but at the age of sixteen he enlisted in the regiment of Savoy-Carignan. Whilst on furlough in Paris Marceau joined in the attack on the Bastille (July 14, 1789); after that event he took his discharge from the... More...

Cooк Islands, 1986, Ossian receiving French Officers

Cooк Islands, 1986, Ossian receiving French Officers

France, 1969, Francois Marceau

France, 1969.03.22, Chartres. General Marceau


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