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Kellermann François Christophe

Kellermann François Christophe (1735—1820)

François Christophe Kellermann or de Kellermann, duke of Valmy and marshal of France, came of a Saxon family, long settled in Strassburg and ennobled. He entered the French army as a volunteer, and served in the Seven Years' War and in Louis XV's Polish expedition of 1771, on returning from which he was made a lieutenant-colonel. He became... More...

Central African Republic, 1989, General Kellerman and Battle of Valmy

Comoren Islands, 1989, General Kellerman and Battle of Valmy

France, 1989, General Kellermann

Guyana, 1993, Coronation of Napoleon

Ras al-Khaima, 1970, Proclamation of the Empire at Saint-Cloud

Ras al-Khaima, 1970, Coronation of Napoleon

France, 1989.06.24, Strasbourg. Kellermann

France, 2005, Moulin de Valmy; Kellerman


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