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Desilles André

Desilles  André (1767—1790)

André (or Antoine-Joseph-Marc) Désilles was a French army officer. An officer in the Régiment du Roi infanterie during the mutiny of that regiment, the Mestre-de-Camp and the Régiment de Lullin de Chateauvieux when they were garrisoning Nancy. In the ensuing Nancy Affair on 31 August 1790 he interposed himself between the mutineers and the troops sent to re-establish order under Bouillé, but was mortally wounded whilst throwing himself in front of a cannon in a vain hope of stopping the battle between the mutinying patriots and the troops of de Bouillé. Nancy's Porte Désilles is named after him.

Guinea, 1989, Lafayette

Vanuatu, 1989, Revolt of French troops, Nancy,1790


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