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Vrtbovská Garden

Series: World Exhibition of Postage Stamps PRAGA 2008

Vrtbovská Garden

Czech Republic, 2006, 7.50 Kc. 11 (1/2) х 12. multicoloured

Michel: 491
POFIS: 492
Scott: 3320
Stanley Gibbons: 481
Yvert et Tellier: 446

This issue is designed to promote the World Exhibition of Postage Stamps PRAGA 2008 which is to be held in September 2008 at the Exhibition Grounds in Prague - Holešovice.
Vrtbovská Garden is one of the most significant and beautiful Baroque gardens in Europe. It is located at the base of Petřín Hill by Vrtbovský Palace in the Lesser Town of Prague. The Italian-style garden was designed in 1715-20 by the architect F.M. Kaňka for the Count of Vrtba. The garden decorations are the work of major artists of the supreme Baroque - sculptor M.B. Braun, painter V.V. Reiner and stuccoer T. Soldati.
The garden is divided into three terraces connected via stairways. The link between the garden and the palace is salla terrena, with its fresco and statue decorations. Towering above the middle terrace with a water pool and fountain up to the top of the garden is a high supporting wall. It is shaped of round segments with a skittle balustrade and double-wing stairway and decorated with statues of ancient gods and Baroque vases. The garden is closed with a pavilion with a unique view of Prague Castle and the Lesser Town.

Plots: Prague

Vrtbovská Garden

Czech Republic, 2006.10.11, Prague. Vrtbovská Garden

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