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Ledeburk Garden

Ledeburk Garden

Czech Republic, 2008, 10 Kc.


Together with the Little and Large Palffy Gardens, Kolowrat Garden and the Little and Large Fürstenberg Gardens, Ledeburk Garden is a part of the system of joined palace gardens located on the southern hillside below the Prague Castle. The gardens were created as independent ones in the 18th century; as such, they have each a different design and specific character. Ledeburk Garden has an area of 0.18 ha. The garden, located at 205-230 m above the sea level, was created at the early 18th century. In 1787, when it became the property of the Kolowrat family, it was re-designed by I. J. Palliardi in the middle Baroque. Ledeburk Garden underwent a demanding reconstruction; together with the adjoining Little Palffy Garden it was re-opened to the public in June 1995.

Plots: Prague

Ledeburk Garden
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