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Martos Ivan Petrovich

Martos Ivan Petrovich(1754—1835)

Ukrainian sculptor, active in Russia. He was the son of an impoverished landowner and studied at the Academy of Arts in St Petersburg from 1764 to 1773 under Louis Rolland (1711–91) and Nicolas-François Gillet. Between 1773 and 1779 Martos completed his education in Rome under Carlo Albacini ( fl 1770s–1800) and adopted the Neo-classical style. He returned to Russia in 1779 and began to teach in the sculpture class at the Academy of Arts, where, in 1794, he became Senior Professor and in 1814 Rector of Sculpture.

USSR, 1946, Spassky Tower

Russia, 2002, Aleksander I Monument in Taganrog

Russia, 2006, Aleksander I Monument in Taganrog

Russia, 2012, Monument to Alexander I in Taganrog


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