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Umm al Quiwain

Umm al Quiwain

Sheikhdom (1995 pop. 35,157), c.300 sq mi (780 sq km), part of the federation of seven United Arab Emirates, SE Arabia, on the Persian Gulf. It is the least populous and least developed emirate. Fishing and boatbuilding remain important; dates are grown in a limited area. Oil has not been found there. The sheikhdom, formerly a British protectorate, became part of the United Arab Emirates in 1971.

1966, Stamps of Belguim and Egypte

1966, Stamp of Belguim

1969, Film «Munity on the Bounty»

1970, Overprint Napoleon

1972, Olympic poster Berlin 1936

1972, Napoleon after battle of Eylau

1972, Napoleon crossing the Alp

1972, Bonaparte in Jaffa

1972, Surrender of Madrid

1972, Installation of the Council of State

1972, Napoleon in His Study

1972, Coronation of Napoleon

1972, George III

1972, George IV


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