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Caulaincourt Armand-Augustin-Louis

Caulaincourt Armand-Augustin-Louis (1772/1773—1827)

French diplomat and general, created duke of Vicenza by Napoleon I. He became (1802) Napoleon's aide-de-camp, and as ambassador to Russia (1807–11) he opposed the emperor's war policy. He accompanied Napoleon as aide-de-camp in the Russian campaign and on his two-week dash from Russia to Paris (1812). Caulaincourt was foreign minister when Napoleon abdicated in 1814 and again during the Hundred Days. His remarkable memoirs of the years 1812 to 1815 were first published in 1933 and appeared in English as With Napoleon in Russia (1935) and No Peace with Napoleon! (1936).

Ajman, 1972, Napoleon near Eylau

Dahomey, 1969, Napoleon at the Battle of Eylau

Equatorial Guinea, 1976, Battle of Eylau

Guinea, 2007, Battle of Eylau

Guyana, 1993, Coronation of Napoleon

Manama, 1972, Napoleon at Eylau

Ras al-Khaima, 1970, Coronation of Napoleon

Umm al Quiwain, 1972, Napoleon after battle of Eylau


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