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Golovnin (Головнин) Vasily Michailovich
(1776— 1831)

Golovnin (Головнин) Vasily Michailovich (1776— 1831)

Russian explorer and writer. Sent in 1807 to make a geographical survey of Kamchatka and the Russian possessions in Alaska, he was captured and imprisoned (1811–13) by the Japanese. Later, in circumnavigating the world, he made a second trip (1817–19) to Kamchatka and the Aleutians. He wrote Narrative of My Captivity in Japan, during the Years 1811, 1812, 1813 (1816, tr. 1818 and 1824). In 1801—1805 he served in English fleet under the command of Nelson and Collingwood.

Russia, 1994, Vasily Golovin

Vanuatu, 2009, Vasiliy Golovvnin

USSR, 1975, Vasily Golovnin


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