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Davidov () Denis Vasilevich

Davidov () Denis Vasilevich (17841839)

General, poet and writer. He entered the army at the age of 17. The name of Denis Davidov is inextricably bound up with the Patriotic War of 1812 as the originator and one of the leaders of the partisan movement. Denis Davidovs military talents were highly esteemed by Kutuzov and Bagration, and Nikolai Yazykov said the following about his poetic gifts: Your powerful, lively, bubbling and martial, entrancing, youthfully rakish verses will never die. In poetry he created a new genre, his poems and verses were dedicated to the daring adventurous life of dragoons.

Guinea Bissau, 2003, War gallery of Winter palace

USSR, 1962, Denis Davidov and partisans

USSR, 1982, Denis (?) Davidov

USSR, 1983, Denis Davidov

Russia, 2009, Denis Davidov


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