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Yermolov () Aleksey Petrovich

Yermolov () Aleksey Petrovich (17771861)

Aleksey Petrovich Yermolov (or Ermolov), was the premier Russian military hero during the golden age of Russian Romanticism. His charismatic leadership of imperial armies was praised in the poems by Alexander Pushkin, Vasily Zhukovsky, and others.Yermolov was born on May 24, 1777 in Moscow in the officer's family. He studied at the school of the... More...

St. Vincent, 2004, Portrait of General Alexey Yermolov

Russia, 1995.05.06, Museum-Panorama Borodino Battle, statue of Kutuzov

Russia, 2001, The Council of War at Fili

USSR, 1953.03.18, The Council of War at Fili

USSR, 1962.09.01, The Council of War at Fili

USSR, 1978.01.09, Museum-Panorama Borodino Battle

USSR, 1978.12.22, Kutuzov monument in Moskow

USSR, 1982.09.23, Museum-Panorama Borodino Battle


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