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Kaysarov () Paisy Sergeevich

Kaysarov () Paisy Sergeevich (17831844)

The General from infantry, he has begun service in 1797. In 1812 he was the on duty general of army. Being the on duty general at the commander-in-chief, was present on advice in Fili. Then he ordered about the advanced armies; in 1813 he was at the head of flying partisan group. In 1814, ordering by cavalry group, Kaysarov has attracted attention boldness of undertaken expeditions and accuracy of delivered information.

In March 1831 he had been appointed by ordering 3-rd infantry corpus, which operated against Poles in a southern part of province Ljublinskoj and held in blockade fortress Zamoste. The next years to the death ordered about 5-th infantry case.

USSR, 1990, Panorama Borodino Battle, monument of Kutuzov

Russia, 2001, The Council of War at Fili

USSR, 1953.03.18, The Council of War at Fili

USSR, 1962.09.01, The Council of War at Fili


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