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Kutaisov () Aleksander Ivanovich

Kutaisov () Aleksander Ivanovich (17841812)

Alexander Ivanovich Kutaisov was one of the youngest Russian generals in 1812. His father was a Turk captured by Russians in the Russian-Turkish war. Empress Catherine II presented him to her heir Pavel. When Pavell became the Emperor this former captive could make a brilliant career at his court. Owing to the high position of his father Alexander... More...

USSR, 1990, Panorama Borodino Battle, monument of Kutuzov

Russia, 1995.05.06, Museum-Panorama Borodino Battle, statue of Kutuzov

USSR, 1978.01.09, Museum-Panorama Borodino Battle

USSR, 1978.12.22, Kutuzov monument in Moskow

USSR, 1982.09.23, Museum-Panorama Borodino Battle


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