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Lisyansky () Yuri Fyodorovich
(1773 1837)

Lisyansky () Yuri Fyodorovich (1773  1837)

Yuri Lisyansky was born into an aristocratic Ukrainian family and chosen as a young child for a naval career. He began it as a fifteen-year-old midshipman, when he saw intense military action during Russias war with Sweden. He was soon sent to England to learn naval skills and tactics. As a British seaman, he sailed in 1794 for North America... More...

Ukraine, 1998, Yuri Lisyansky, map

Ukraine, 1998.08.13, Kiev. Ship

Ukraine, 1998.08.13, Nezgin, Ship

Russia, 1998, 225th birth anniv of Lisyansky

Russia, 2003, Bicentenary of Kruzenstein and Lisyansky expedition

Ukraine, 1998, YuriLisyansky

USSR, 1973, Yuri Lisyansky


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