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Litke () Fyodor Petrovich

Litke () Fyodor Petrovich (17971882)

Litke was a remarkable Russian scientist, navigator, statesman, and scholar who made significant contributions to world science. His life was filled with tireless scientific activity, including numerous ocean travels. He was known especially for his contributions to the history of Russian geographical science and to marine hydrography. Litke combined his scientific activities with tutoring when he was charged with educating the son of Tsar Nicholas I. He was first president of the Academy of Sciences and organized the Russian Geographical Society. Litke started his naval career in 1813 when was a war with Napoleon's France.

Micronesia, 1984, Fyodor Litke

Micronesia, 1984, Fyodor Litke

Micronesia, 1986, Litke's Ship Senyavin

Micronesia, 1988, Litke's Ship Senyavin

Russia, 1994, Fyodor Litke

St. Helena Island, 1986, Fyodor Litke, Senyavin

USSR, 1947, Fyodor Litke

USSR, 1947, Fyodor Litke

Russia, 1997.09.28, Arkhangelsk. Birth Bicentenary of Litke

USSR, 1972.09.28, Leningrad. 175th Birth anniv of Litke

Russia, 1997, Fyodor Litke

USSR, 1972, Fyodor Litke


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