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Osterman-Tolstoy (Остерман-Толстой) Aleksander Ivanovich

Osterman-Tolstoy (Остерман-Толстой) Aleksander Ivanovich (1770—1857)

Alexander Ivanovich Tolstoy, stemming from a collateral branch of the family, inherited the comital title and estates of his uncle, the last of the Ostermanns. He first distinguished himself in the battle of Charnova (1807) where his regiment held out for 15 hours against the whole army commanded by Napoleon. One of the most admired generals of... More...

Russia, 2001, The Council of War at Fili

USSR, 1953.03.18, The Council of War at Fili

USSR, 1962.09.01, The Council of War at Fili


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