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Paskevich (Паскевич) Ivan Fedorovich

Paskevich (Паскевич) Ivan Fedorovich (1782—1856)

A Ukrainian military leader in the Russian service. For his victories, he was made Count of Erivan in 1828 and Prince of Warsaw in 1831. Born in Poltava to a well-known family of the Ukrainian gentry, he was educated at the imperial institution for pages, where his progress was rapid, and in 1800 received his commission in the Guards and was named... More...

Belarus, 2004.10.25, Gomel. Bridge in Rumyantzev-Paskevich's park

Belarus, 2002, Gomel. Memorial of Paskevich

Belarus, 2004, Gomel. Palace of Rumyantzev and Paskevich

Armenia, 1996, Paskevich and his army

USSR, 1990.11.22, Gomel. Memorial of Paskevich


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