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Uvarov (Уваров) Fyodor Petrovich

Uvarov (Уваров) Fyodor Petrovich (1773—1824)

Fyodor Uvarov began his military career in 1775. In 1787 he was got the rank of captain. He took part in the Polish campaign of 1794. In 1798 he was transferred to the Horse Guards, promoted to the rank of Major-General and was given the rank of General-Aide-de-Camp. The cause of such sudden rise was his close relatiions with the Lopukhins family,... More...

Mozambique, 2009, Napoleon

Russia, Uvarovka Moskow region

Russia, Uvarovskaya, Smolensk region

USSR, Uvarovka Moskow region

Russia, 2001, The Council of War at Fili

USSR, 1953.03.18, The Council of War at Fili

USSR, 1962.09.01, The Council of War at Fili


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