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The Palace of Versailles was the official residence of the Kings of France from 1682 until 1790. It was originally a hunting lodge, but was expanded by Louis XIV beginning in 1669. The French classical architecture was complemented by extensive gardens.

The palace was stripped of most of it's furnishings during the French Revolution, and Tuileries in Paris became the royal residence. Versailles is now a national museum.

Central African Republic, 1983, Montgolfiere, 1783

Chad, 1983, Montgolfiere over Versailles

Chad, 1999, Louis XVIII

Chad, 2001, Versailles

Chad, 2001, Louis XVIII and Versailles

Chad, 2001, Versailles

France, 1938, Palais de Versailles

France, 1952, Cherub

France, 1952, Cherub

France, 1952, Versailles Gateway

France, 1954, Versailles Gateway

France, 1956, Grand Trianon, Versailles

France, 1959, Le Notre and Versailles

France, 1960, Pierre de Nolhack

France, 1963, Pierre de Morivo, Versailles

France, 1970, Louis XIV and Versailles

France, 1994, Banquet for Gustav III at the Trianon, 1784

France, 1997, Palace de Versailles

France, 2001, Gardens

France, 2007, Halls of Mirrors

France, 2008, Hall of Mirrors

France, 2010, Trumpet

France, 2010, Fontain in Versalles

France, 2013, 85,8 Arc x 16

Gabon, 1978, Cabriolet 5 cv. Tipe C (1922)

Grenada Grenadines, 1989, Mickey and Minnie over Versalles

Guinea, 1999, The Road from Versailles at Louveciennes

Guinea, 2010, Verallies

Guinea, 2012, Versallies

Korea Nord, 1982, Balloon in Versailles, 1783

Korea Nord, 1984, Versailles

Madagaskar, 1989, Lafayette and croud demanding bread

Nicaragua, 1989, Procession of State General at Versalles

Sao Tome e Principe, 1991, Gate of Versailles

Sharjah, 1972, Charles de Gaulle, Versailles

Sierra Leone, 1989, Louis XVI, Versailles

Sierra Leone, 2000, Versailles and countries

Sweden, 1994, Banquet for Gustav III at the Trianon

Tuvalu, 2010, Verallies

Vietnam, 1983, Balloon over Versalles

France, 1956.04.04, Versailles. Grand Trianon

France, 1970.10.17, Versailles. Louis XIV

France, 1990, Versailles. Gardens

France, 1997.05.17., Versailles. Gateway

France, 2001.05.12, Versailles. Gardens

France, 2007.11.10, Versailles. Versailles

France, 2006, Versailles. Marble Courtyard

France, 2006, Versailles. Fontain of Latona

France, 2006, Versailles. Formal Gardens

France, 2006, Versailles. Bassin d'Apollon

France, 2006, Versailles. The Water Parterre's

France, 2007, Versailles, Essonne

France, 2007, Versailles, L'abbaye des Vaux de Cernay

France, 2007, Versailles, La Defence

France, 2007, Versailles, Seine-et-Marne

France, 2007, Versailles, Tour Eiffel

France, 1938, Versailles


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