Napoleon Bonaparte and his epoch
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Handred days

Handred days 1815

This was the last campaign of the Napoleonic Wars and finally ended Napoleon Bonaparte's dreams of remaining emperor of France. It began with Bonaparte's now legendary escape from his exile on the island of Elba to a France that had quickly become disenchanted with the returned Bourbon king Louis XVIII. The former emperor landed near Cannes with... More...

Ajman, 1971, Napoleon on board the Bellerophon

Ajman, 1971, Return of Napoleon from Elba

Ajman, 1972, Napoleon on board the Bellerophon

Cuba, 1999, Napoleon Bonaparte, 1814

Manama, 1972, Napoleon on board the Bellerophon

Monaco, 1997, Honore V, Napoleon

Mozambique, 2009, Napoleon, Route of Napoleon

Ras al-Khaima, 1972, Return from Elba

Sharjah, 1972, Napoleon after Elba

France, 1965.0306, Grenoble. Return from Elba

France, 1994.09.09, Castellane. Route Napoleon

France, 2001.03.0304., Golfe-Juan. Napoleon in Golfe-Juan

France, 2005.03.0506, Golfe-Juan. Napoleon in Golfe-Juan


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