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Davidov (Давыдов) Vasily Lvovich

Davidov (Давыдов) Vasily Lvovich (1793—1855)

He was The Brother on mother of the hero of Domestic war N. N. Raevsky, cousin of Denis Davidov. He take part in Domestic war and foreign campaigns 1813-1814. Has distinguished in the Borodino battle, he was wounded under Kulm and near Leipzig. For the bravery shown in battle at Maloyaroslavets, has received by gold sable. He had fighting awards: St. Vladimir 4-th item with a bow, St. Anna of 2-nd and 4-th classes, a Prussian award "For merits" and A cross of Kulm. He was the retired colonel Alexandria hussar regiment.

The Decembrist, a member of "The Union of prosperity", an active member of the Southern society. Together with Volkonsky headed Kamenskaya uprava (under the name of a patrimonial estate of Davidov Kamenka, where decembrists often gathered). He was condemned on to the I category. Served time in Blagodatskiy mine, in prisons of Chita and Peter factory from 1826 to 1839. On settlement lived in Krasnoyarsk, where he died.

USSR, 1949, Pushkin reading his poems to Southern Society

USSR, 1949, Pushkin reading his poems to Southern Society

Ukraine, 1997, Davidov's house in Kamenka

Ukraine, 1999, Davidov's house in Kamenka

USSR, 1965, Pushkin's Stone near Kamenka


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