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Kaptsevich (Капцевич) Pyotr Mikhailovich

Kaptsevich (Капцевич) Pyotr Mikhailovich (1772—1840)

The General of artillery and the statesman. He studied in the artillery and engineering case. He was the duty general at military minister count Arakcheev. In 1812 he ordered about 7-th infantry division. Under Borodino he temporarily ordered about 6-th infantry case instead of Dohturov. In 1813 ordered the infantry corpus. In battle near Leipzig Kaptsevich, despite of the strong contusion, one of the first has rushed into city.

In 1819 he was appointed by the commander of the separate Siberian case. From 1822 general-governor of Western Siberia where had improved a life of exiled, had defined the order of service of the Siberian Cossack army. From 1828 ordered about the separate case internal guards.

USSR, 1974.02.01, Monuments in Borodino

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