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Kozhina () Vasilisa
(dates of a life are unknown)

Kozhina () Vasilisa (dates of a life are unknown)

The peasant, the wife of the head of farm Gorshkova of district Sychevskogo of Smolensk province. Helping men, some times escorted the French marauders grasped by them in a town and once she killed the obstinate captive. On Russian pictures 1812-1813 she was represented in the form of the escort. By the Soviet authors, Kozhina has turned in "partisan-women" which "has ruled by the whole group from women, girls and teenagers ". "Kozjhinas Group" ostensibly bore protection of settlements, destroyed bridges, roads, ferries, constructed blockages on ways of movement of enemy armies, the soldier of the opponent attacked French furazhirs, transports and separate groups, and Kozhina for merits as if was awarded by medal 1812 and the monetary premium. This legend has found reflection in encyclopedias.

Russia, 1995, Mikhail Kutuzov, sculpture Soldiers

USSR, 1962, Vasilisa Kozhina

Russia, 2000, Birth Centenary of sculptor Tomsky

Russia, 2012, Vasilisa Kozhina


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