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Kruzenstern () Ivan Fedorovich
(1770 1846)

Kruzenstern () Ivan Fedorovich(1770 1846)

Adam Johann Ritter von Krusenstern was the Russian admiral and explorer who in 1803-1806 led the first Russian circumnavigation of the Earth. In Russia, Krusenstern is known as Ivan Fedorovich Kruzenshtern. Born into a Baltic German family Krusenstern joined the Russian Imperial Navy after spending time in the service of Great Britain. He took part in the battles with French Navy in 1799. In 1803-1806, under the patronage of Tsar Alexander I, Krusenstern led the first Russian circumnavigation of the world. The purpose of the two-ship expedition was to establish trade with China and Japan, facilitate trade in South America, and examine California for a possible colony. The two ships, Nadezhda (Hope) under the command of Krusenstern, and Neva under the command of Captain-Lieutenant Yuri Lisianski, set sail from Kronstadt, rounded Cape Horn, and reached the northern Pacific. Both seafarers made maps and detailed recordings of their voyages. Upon his return, Krusenstern wrote a detailed report, titled Journey around the World in the Years 1803, 1804, 1805, and 1806 at the Command of his Imperial Majesty Alexander I in the Ships Nadezhda and Neva. The report was published in two volumes in 1811 in Berlin; this was followed two years later by an English translation, published in London. His scientific work, which includes an atlas of the Pacific, was published 1827 in St. Petersburg and won him an honorary membership in the Russian Academy of Sciences. The Russian training tall ship Kruzenshtern is named after him.

Estonia, 2003, Admiral Kruzenstern

French Polinesie, 1988, Carved Figures

French Polinesie, 1988, Russian officer in marae

Russia, 1994, Ivan Kruzenstern

Russia, 2001, Kruzenstern's monument

Russia, 2009, Words of Kruzenstern

St. Helena Island, 1986, Ivan Kruzenstern, Nadezhda

Estonia, 2003.08.06, Tallinn. Ivan Kruzenstern

Russia, 2003, Bicentenary of Kruzenstein and Lisyansky expedition

Russia, 2005, Ivan Kruzenstern

USSR, 1970, Ivan Kruzenstern

USSR, 1984, Kruzenstern monument in Leningrad

USSR, 1974.04.19, Kruzenstern monument in Leningrad

USSR, 1976, Ivan Kruzenstern

USSR, 1980.10.23, Kruzenstern monument in Leningrad

USSR, 1988.02.19, Kruzenstern monument in Leningrad


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