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William the Conqueror

William the Conqueror(1027/1028—1087)

William, the illegitimate son of the Duke of Normandy, spent his first six years with his mother in Falaise and received the duchy of Normandy upon his father's death in 1035. A council consisting of noblemen and William's appointed guardians ruled Normandy but ducal authority waned under the Normans' violent nature and the province was wracked... More...

France, 1966, William the Conqueror, Castle and Landings

France, 1987, William the Conqueror

Gambia, 2012, William I

Grenada, 1984, William I

Guernsey, 1969/1970, William I and map

Guernsey, 1969/1970, William I and map

Guernsey, 1971, William I and map

Guernsey, 1971, William I and map

Guernsey, 1982, Norman Fleet

Guernsey, 1987, The Jester's Warning to Young William

Guernsey, 1987, Hastings Battlefield

Guernsey, 1987, Norman Soldiers

Guernsey, 1987, William the Conqueror

Guernsey, 1987, Queen Matilda

Guernsey, 1987, William's Coronation Regalia

Guinea, 1986, Bayeux Tapestry

Guinea, 1986, William the Conqueror, Cortes

Guyana, 1999, William I

Jersey, 1982, Rollo and William the Conqueror

Jersey, 1986, Bayeux Tapestry

Jersey, 1987, Grant of Lands to Normandy

Jersey, 1987, Edward the Confessor and Robert I of Normandy landing on Jersey

Jersey, 1987, William's Coronation and Fatal Fall

Jersey, 1987, Death of William Rufus and Battle of Tinchebrai

Jersey, 1987, Civil War between Matilda and Stephen

Jersey, 1987, Henry inherits Normandy, 1151. John asserts Ducal Rights in Jersey

Korea Nord, 1984, William I

Lesotho, 1986, Landing of Wiliam the Concueror

Togo, 1999, William becomes Duke of Normandy

Uganda, 2000, William I

Umm al Quiwain, 1972, William I

France, 1987.09.05, Caen. William the Conqueror

France, 1987.09.05, Rouen. William the Conqueror

France, 2003, Caen, city of William the Conqueror


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