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Gold Rush

Gold Rush

A gold rush is a period of feverish migration of workers into the area of a dramatic discovery of commercial quantities of gold. Several gold rushes took place throughout the 19th century in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United States. Gold rushes helped spur permanent non-indigenous settlement of... More...

Canada, 2008, Gold Rush

Falkland Islands, 1999, Halk of Vicar of Bray

Falkland Islands, 1999, Panning for gold, 1849

Falkland Islands, 1999, Gold rocking crandle, 1849

Falkland Islands, 1999, Vicar of Bray

Falkland Islands, 1999, Vicar of Bray in San Francisco

Irland, 1988, Eureca Stockade

Irland, 2001, Peter Laior

Irland, 2001, Life in gold camp

New Zealand, 2006, Gold Panning

New Zealand, 2006, Settlement at Kurunui Greek

New Zealand, 2006, Chines prospectros

New Zealand, 2006, Last Otago gold escort

New Zealand, 2006, Waterfront at Lunedin

Panama Canal Zone, 1949, Forty-niners Arriving at Chagres

Panama Canal Zone, 1949, Journey by Bungo to Las Cruces

Panama Canal Zone, 1949, Las Cruces Trail to Panama

Panama Canal Zone, 1949, Departure for San Francisco

USA, 1948, Sutters Mill, Coloma,California

USA, 1950, Gold Miner, Pioneers and S.S.Oregon

USA, 1959, Henry Comstock at Mount Davidson Site

USA, 1998, Gold Prospectors

USA, 1999, Prospectors

Canada, 2008.08.01, Fort Langley. Gold Rush


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