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1828/1829. RussoTurkish War

1828/1829. RussoTurkish War

The RussoTurkish War of 18281829 was sparked by the Greek War of Independence. The war broke out after the Sultan, incensed by the Russian participation in the Battle of Navarino, closed the Dardanelles for Russian ships and revoked the Akkerman Convention. When the hostilities erupted, the Russian army consisted of 92,000 men, as opposed to... More...

Burundi, 2011, Brig Mercury Attacked by Two Turkish Ships

Gambia, 2001, Battle of Navarino

Greece, 1927/1928, Navarino Bay and Pylos

Greece, 1927/1928, Battle of Navarino

Greece, 1927/1928, Edward Codrington

Greece, 1927/1928, Edward Codrington

Greece, 1927/1928, Van der Heyden

Greece, 1927/1928, De Rigny

Greece, 1977, Battle of Navarino

Greece, 1977, Admirals Van der Heyden, Codrington and de Rigny

Paraguay, 1977, Battle of Varna (C. L. Hoffmeister)

Greece, 1977.10.20, Athens. Battle of Navarino

Russia, 2010, Moscow Triumphal Gate in Saint Petersburg

Ukraine, 1999, Brig Mercury

Ukraine, 2000, Steamboat Meteor


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