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Founding of St. Petersburg

Founding of St. Petersburg

Founded by Tsa Peter the Great on May 27, 1703, Saint Petersburg was capital of the Russian Empire for more than two hundred years (1712-1728, 1732-1918). St. Petersburg ceased being the capital in 1918 after the Russian Revolution of 1917. On May 1, 1703, Peter the Great took the Swedish fortress of Nyenskans and the city Nyen, on the Neva... More...

Gambia, 2004, Paintings from the Hermitage

Gambia, 2004, Husband and Wife

Ghana, 2004, Anne of Austria as Minerva

Ghana, 2004, Lasciviousness

Ghana, 2004, Allegory of Faith

Ghana, 2004, Paintings from the Hermitage

Ghana, 2004, Cupid Undoing Venus's Belt

Ghana, 2004, Perseus liberating Andromeda

Grenada, 2003, At the Palmists

Grenada, 2003, A Visit to Grandmother

Grenada, 2003, Musicale

Grenada, 2003, A Young Woman in the Morning

Grenada, 2003, Treasures of the Hermitage

Grenada, 2003, The Lute Player

Grenada, 2003, The Spoiled Child

Guinea, 2007, Treasures of the Hermitage

Guinea, 2007, Netsuke Naito Toyomasa

Guinea, 2007, Portrait of Count N. D. Guriev

Guinea, 2007, Head of a Monk

Guyana, 2004, Mercury Takes Bacchus to be brought up by Nymphs (Laurent de La Hyre)

Guyana, 2004, Satyr and Bacchante (Poussin)

Guyana, 2004, The Parting of Abelard and Heloise

Guyana, 2004, Pastoral Scene (Boucher)

Guyana, 2004, Paintings from the Hermitage

Guyana, 2004, Allegory of Virtuous Life

Guyana, 2004, Statue of Ceres

Maldives, 2004, The Stolen Kiss (Jean-Honore Fragonard)

Maldives, 2004, Self-portrait of Anthony van Dyck

Maldives, 2004, Self-portrait of Michiel Sweerts

Maldives, 2004, Portrait of Anne Dalkieth (Van Dyck)

Maldives, 2004, Portrait of Anne Kirk (Van Dyck)

Maldives, 2004, Paintings from the Hermitage

Maldives, 2004, A Scene from Cornelle's Tragedy (Lancret)

Micronesia, 2004, Young Woman in the Atrical Costume (Alexis Grimou)

Micronesia, 2004, Mrs Greer (George Romney)

Micronesia, 2004, Prince Nikolai Yusupov (Heinrich Fuger)

Micronesia, 2004, Richard Sheridan

Micronesia, 2004, Conversation Espagnole (Carle Vanloo)

Ukraine, 1999, Pavlo Polubotok


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