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Fabre François-Xavier

French painter, printmaker and collector. He was taught by the painter Jean Coustou (1719-91) in Montpellier before entering, in 1783, the studio of David, to whose artistic principles he remained faithful all his life. His career as a history painter began brilliantly when, in 1787, he won the Prix de Rome for Nebuchadnezzar Ordering the... More...

Dodekanes, 1932, Ugo Foscolo

Italian colonies, 1932, Vittorio Alfieri

Italian colonies, 1932, Ugo Foscolo

Italy, 1932, Vittorio Alfieri

Italy, 1932, Ugo Foscolo

Italy, 1949, Vittorio Alfieri

Italy, 1979, Ugo Foscolo

Italy, 2003, Vittorio Alfieri

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