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Rolland Romain

Rolland Romain (18661944)

French novelist, biographer, playwright, and musicologist. After studying in Paris he spent two crucial years in Rome, where he was influenced by German intellectuals. He wrote biographies of Beethoven (1903, tr. 1909), Michelangelo (1905, tr. 1915), Tolstoy (1911, tr. 1911), and Mahatma Gandhi (1924, tr. 1924). His 10-volume novel Jean-Christophe... More...

Czechoslovakia, 1966, Romain Rolland

France, 1985, Romain Rolland

Guinea Bissau, 2009, Romain Rolland

Paraguay, 1977, Medal of Nobel prize of Literature

Rumania, 1966, Romain Rolland

Sweden, 1975, Romain Rolland

Uganda, 1988, Henry Dunant, Romain Rolland

USSR, 1966, Romain Rolland

Czechoslovakia, 1966.02.14, Prague. Romen Rolland

France, 1985.02.23, Clamecy. Romain Rolland

France, 2004/2005, Clamecy. Birthplace of Rolland

Ukraine, 2006, Colas Breugnon

USSR, 1966, Romain Rolland


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