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Byron George Gordon Noel Byron, 6th Baron

Byron George Gordon Noel Byron, 6th Baron (1788–1824)

English poet and satirist.He was the son of Capt. John (“Mad Jack”) Byron and his second wife, Catherine Gordon of Gight. His father died in 1791, and Byron, born with a clubfoot, was subjected alternately to the excessive tenderness and violent temper of his mother. In 1798, after years of poverty, Byron succeeded to the title and took up... More...

Albania, 1988, Lord Byron in albanian dress

Great Britain. Bernera, 1979, George Bayron

Greece, 1924, George Gordon Byron

Greece, 1924, Byron at Missolonghi

Greece, 1974, Lord Byron in albanian dress

Greece, 1974, Byron taking the Oath at Grave of Botsaris

Greece, 2009, George Gordon Byron

Grenada, 1998, Shipwreck of Don Juan

Guinea, 2002, Death of Sardanapal

Guinea, 2010, Lord Byron

Guyana, 1998, The Bride of Abydos

Guyana, 1998, Death of Sardanapale

Hungary, 1948, George Byron

Italy, 1959, Statue of Byron

Malta, 1990, George Byron

Monaco, 1988, Lord Byron

Niger, 1998, The Execution of the Doge Marino Faliero

Sao Tome e Principe, 2010, Writers and poets

Sierra Leone, 1993, Death of Sardanapale

Switzerland, 2007, Lac Leman

USSR, 1988, George Gordon Byron

Greece, 1974.04.04, Athens. Lord Byron

USSR, 1988.01.22, Moscow. Byron

USSR, 1974.03.12, Room of Pushkin with portraits on the wall

USSR, 1977.10.04, Pushkin's museum in Mikhailovskoye

USSR, 1981.07.02, Pushkin's room in Mikhailovskoye

USSR, 1983.04.28, Room with Yazikov and Byron's portraits on the wall


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