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Stifter Adalbert

Stifter Adalbert(1805Ч1868)

Austrian writer, b. Bohemia. Learned in law, mathematics, and science and accomplished as an artist, he was a tutor to important families and, later, a school inspector. His tales of the Bohemian Forest were widely read in his time and are still acclaimed for their sensitive descriptions of nature and of a simple and beautiful harmony between nature and man. Many of his tales were collected in Studien (6 vol., 1844Ц50). His late novels, Der Nachsommer (1857) and Witiko (3 vol., 1865Ц67), are considered diffuse.

Austria, 1931, Adalbert Stifter

Austria, 1947, Adalbert Stifter

Austria, 2005, Adalbert Stifter

Czech Republic, 2005, Adalbert Stifter

German Federal Republic, 1955, Stifter Monument

German Federal Republic, 2005, Adalbert Stifter

Austria, 2005.10.21, Ulrichsberg. Stifter

German Federal Republic, 2005.10.13, Berlin. Adalbert Stifter

German Federal Republic, 2005.10.13, Bonn. Adalbert Stifter

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