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Leconte de Lisle Charles Marie

Leconte de Lisle Charles Marie(1818–1894)

French poet. His first two books of poetry, Poèmes antiques (1852) and Poèmes et poésies (1855), were immediately successful. It was, however, Poésies barbares (1862; later enlarged as Poèmes barbares, 1872) that established him as the leading figure of the group later to be known as the Parnassians. Anti-Christian and a pessimist, Leconte de Lisle saw death as the only existing reality and drew his inspiration from antiquity. Later works include Les Erinnyes (1872), a verse drama; and Poèmes tragiques (1884). He was elected to the French Academy.

France, 1978, Leconte de Lisle

France, 1978.03.25, Saint-Paul. Leconte de Lisle

France, 1984/1986, St. Paul. Leconte de Lisle

France, 1994.07.08, St. Paul. Leconte de Lisle

France, 1994/1995, St. Paul. Évariste Parny and Leconte de Lisle


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